Savings CDs and IRAs

Personal Savings Accounts/Certificates of Deposit/Individual Retirement Accounts

When your savings goals call for preparing for that special occasion, vacation or retirement planning, First National Bank offers many ways to help you achieve those goals. From your Basic Savings Account to CD's and IRA's, we have the perfect account designed to meet your needs.

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  • Personal Savings

    Start saving today!

    • $100 Minimum Daily Balance to avoid Monthly Service Fee
    • $5.00 Monthly Service Fee if Balance falls below $100
    • Up to 2 Free Withdrawals Monthly
    • Transaction Fee of $1.00 per Withdrawal in Excess of 2 per month
    • Free Online/Mobile Banking
    • Quarterly E-Statements
    • 24 Hour Phone Banking

    Please call 800-460-6678 for current rates.

  • Certificates of Deposit

    Guarantee your earnings when you lock in your interest rate!

    • Maturities ranging from 30 days to 60 months
    • Minimum deposit to open a CD is $500.00
    • Interest can be added back to principal, paid directly by check to you, or deposited into another FNB account
    • Contact us for current rates

    Please call 800-460-6678 for current rates.

  • Individual Retirement Accounts

    Take advantage of tax deferred and/or tax-deductible investment opportunities!

    • Traditional, Coverdell Education Accounts, Roth IRAs available
    • Rollover IRAs
    • Long-term interest compounding
    • Perfect for retirement or education savings!
    • Contact us for current rates

    Contact your tax professional to determine potential tax advantages.

    Please call 800-460-6678 for current rates.