Online/Mobile Banking

Anytime, Anywhere Access

We understand that managing your finances anywhere and anytime is crucial to our customers. First National Bank gives you access to your accounts with our online banking product suite no matter where you are. You can check your account balances, transfer funds, pay your bills or view your statements and images.



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  • Online Banking

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    Online Banking makes it easy for you to take control of your finances from the convenience of your personal computer. Once enrolled, you may take advantage of our other electronic banking services such as Online Bill Pay and E-Statements.

  • Mobile Banking

    First National Bank's Mobile Banking gives you access to all the features of Online Banking at your fingertips on your mobile device.

    To enroll:

    1. Complete online banking enrollment at
    2. Download "FNBTX.COM" app from the the App Store or Google Play.
    3. Use your online banking username and password to log in.
    4. Request a secure access code the first time you activate the app.
    5. Register your device using the secure code.



    1. Log into your mobile app and choose "Menu" in the top left corner.
    2. Select "Security Preferences," select "Touch ID" toggle to enable.
    3. Follow the screen prompts to complete setup.


    Welcome to convenient mobile banking!

  • Mobile Deposit Capture

    How to Set-Up Mobile Deposit on Your Phone

    Step 1: Select the First National Bank mobile app on your Smart Phone.

    Step 2: Log in using your password or our easy mobile Touch ID.

    Step 3: Choose Transactions from the menu.

    Step 4: Choose Mobile Deposit Enrollment and follow the instructions on your screen.

    Step 5: Accept the Terms and Conditions of Mobile Deposit Enrollment.

    Step 6: You’re ready to make your first deposit! To begin, choose Deposit Check.


    Step 7: Endorse the back of the check with "For Mobile Deposit Only" below your signature. Your endorsement will not be valid without this notation.

    Step 8: Photograph the front and the back of the check to be deposited.

    Step 9: Once we have verified your endorsement, your funds will become available within 24-hours.

    Welcome to convenient Mobile Deposit banking!

  • FREE Online Bill Pay

    Bill Pay is just one of the many electronic solutions offered at First National Bank. This time saving service allows you to pay bills online without having to write a check. Don't let checks and postage slow you down, take advantage of Online Bill Pay and make payments your way!

    • No need to use checks or stamps
    • E-Bill offers easy and convenient way to view all electronic bills in one location
    • Schedule recurring payment of bills and electronic bills
    • Define payments to be made automatically, including variable amounts (i.e. credit cards by paying minimum or balance in full)
  • E-Statements

    E-Statements are electronic bank statements that our account holders can view online. This online access is convenient, easy to download and can be printed anytime. E-Statements are a great way to lower exposure to identity theft, reduce clutter, save paper and get organized.

    Plus, E-Statements are absolutely free for First National Bank account holders. Many of our accounts also include free digital images of your checks and other transactional items such as teller counter withdrawals and counter checks.

    To Enroll:

    1. Access your online banking account at
    2. Under 'Transactions' on the left menu, click 'Statements'.
    3. Read the Electronic Statement Amendment to First National Bank's Internet Banking and Bill Payment Agreement thoroughly. You should print this agreement for your records.
    4. The email address shown at the bottom of the page will be used for notifications when your E-statement is available. Please verify it is correct and update if necessary.
    5. Click Accept.
    6. It is recommended that you print and/or save your statement each month to keep for your records.
  • Direct Deposit  -  Routing Number 111916452

    Direct deposit is the fast, easy and secure way to have your payroll deposited directly to your account without the hassle of paper checks or waiting in line at the bank. There are many benefits to having direct deposit such as:

    • Accessibility – Funds are in your account much sooner than the time it takes to receive traditional paper checks by mail and make a bank deposit.
    • Secure and Automated - You never worry again about a lost check.
    • Traceable - Direct Deposits are fully traceable and help protect you against identity theft.
    • Easy – Set up is easy and is done once.

    Provide your employer the routing number for First National Bank (111916452) and your account number to take advantage of the convenience of Direct Deposit.

  • Phone Banking

    Phone banking gives you access to your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have access to a phone. With free Phone Banking you can use a touch-tone phone to access your account information, transfer funds, make loan payments, or verify checks that have cleared. Call 1-866-602-3621 to set up your free telephone banking account today.

  • Loan Payments

    Residential Mortgage Loan Payments -- Phone 817.912.4492 or email

    Other Consumer and Commercial Loans -- Phone 940.696.3000 or email